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Why we started Novel

We started Novel Growth Partners because we saw too many entrepreneurs struggling to raise the right kind of capital for their companies when they needed it. Banks are too restrictive to invest in early stage companies that do not have meaningful assets. Traditional VC models only allow investment in companies with a hockey-stick growth profile that many early stage companies don’t fit. In addition, depending where you are in your journey or what type of business you want to build equity investment may not always be the best tool.

The solution for us was Revenue Based Financing (RBF), a more flexible tool that allows us to invest in a larger number of early stage entrepreneurs

Ethos / Values


  • Strive to be simple, direct and transparent.
  • Recognize the challenges of the entrepreneurial journey. Put the Entrepreneur first.
  • Maintain integrity and accountability in all our interactions.
  • Are Capital Entrepreneurs. We embrace the entrepreneurial experience ourselves.
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