Venture Different

Novel Growth Partners provides flexible Revenue-Based Financing (RBF) investments and operational sales expertise to early-stage, B2B software entrepreneurs.

As tech founders ourselves, we know not all companies need or can get venture capital. We empower software companies regardless of their fit with the typical VC hockey-stick model.

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A Different Kind of Partner

Our approach is more than an algorithm. Yes, we have the tech to crunch the numbers but more importantly, we strive to understand you and your business to ensure we’re the best fit for your continued success.

We’ve Been In Your Shoes

As former entrepreneurs and operators, we get you. You don’t have 6 months to just fundraise. What’s more, you need more than just money. You need help building lasting value.

Portfolio Spotlight
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“It’s not hard to find an investor / lender. But it is rare to find two guys like Carlos and Keith that are genuinely interested in helping their partner companies. Their advice and help is just (if not more) valuable than the investment. It can feel alone at the top and they fill a void as mentors to me and my management team...”

Eze Carlsson, Wisboo

Palo Alto, CA

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Elevate K-12

“We explored several venture firms and selected Novel for their professionalism, collaborative style, and systematic approach. We haven't regretted our decision. Novel has not only provided funding but has also been a great strategic resource to help guide growth initiatives within the company. It has been a genuine partnership!”

Shaily Baranwal, Elevate K-12

Chicago, IL

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“We partnered with Novel because of their unique approach to helping companies grow through a debt investment limiting the dilution of our equity. Beyond the investment, we value Keith and Carlos’ experience in helping companies grow. Their operational experience will help us create more efficient and effective business practices so we can maximize top line growth.”

Chad Gobel, Gobel Group

Philadelphia, PA

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